Saint Brides Cambuslang

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to the website of St. Bride’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambuslang. This site will provide you with a range of information about St Bride’s parish including its history and up-to-date activities. It is hoped that it will allow people from all walks of life, and those living near and far, to have access to information about the parish  Rev Paul Morton Parish Priest Saint Brides Cambuslang

The parish was founded in 1878 and the church built in 1900. Since its foundation it has had a fine reputation as a living parish community both in the town and in the diocese. I am glad to say that this tradition lives on amongst the people of today. 

I hope that all who come to this site, and all who use it regularly, will benefit from what they find here. Who knows what good such a place of meeting could give to people. Maybe it will become more than just a place to find useful information; instead it might be a place that is re-visited for helpful thought, prayer and reflection. 

You are welcome to this site and you are also welcome to St Bride’s Roman Catholic Church which is open from early in the morning till late at night every day.

Reverend Paul Morton

Parish Priest St Bride's Cambuslang

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